Thursday, October 30, 2014

GUMC Trunk or Treat

We just can't get enough of trunk-or-treating this year.
After the Academy the other evening, we headed 
downtown to another trunk-or-treat and carnival.

"Look brudder....another turtle."
Any time Bailey sees another ninja turtle
she gets so excited and points it out to her brother.
B&B were skeptical about reaching into this trunk so Brandon did it for them. 
Brayden was proud of his skittles. "Look mama."
Had to take a picture of this.
The 1st one I threw....went straight on the spider's leg.
Pretty impressive...might I add. :)'

Do I see golfing in our future?!
{Hope not. whoops. I didn't say that.}

The 4 of us did the cakewalk. 

We had some good 'ol hot dogs and topped it off with cotton candy.
The last time I had cotton candy was at one of Brandon's baseball games. It's been awhile. I forgot how good it was. ;) Brayden & Bailey tried it for the first time. Surprisingly, Bailey didn't care for it too much and Brayden crushed it. 
Bailey ended up feeding me hers.

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