Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Spot Festival - Pics & Video

This past weekend we headed out to the Spot Festival. We went last year for the first time. You can see that post here. We had such a good time last year so we decided to go back this year.
There were so many inflatables to jump in. 
Bailey got our moneys worth. There were only a couple Brayden would jump in.
We also got to see some farm animals.
{Yes...mom of the year grabbed 2 socks that weren't folded together and didn't match. Definitely one of my pet peeves. I still can't believe I did that. Note to self: only grab socks that are put together. Not ones that are just lying in the drawer. Thanks mom for bringing it to my attention. Unfortunately, we didn't notice until we were out the door and gone for the day.}

Brayden & Bailey rode ponies for the first time.
{Below: Videos}

They wanted to ride the camel but we had already spent too much money. :)' 
Maybe next year.


This guy was too cute.
I have no idea how he could see with all that hair hanging in his face. lol
Brayden & Bailey also got their driver's license while we were there.
Watch out for these two. They might just run you off the road with their bikes. ;)

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