Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Disney Vacation - All-Star Sports Resort

I was one happy girl when I saw the first sign for Disney.
 We were excited to finally see something Disney after all the driving/riding we did.

 This was Brayden & Bailey's faces when they saw the characters on the sign.

 The All-Star Sport Resort is located right on the Disney premises. 
It was awesome because we were right there at everything.
Front entrance to the hotel.
Side of the hotel where we caught the shuttle.
A plus about this hotel is you get free transportation 
to and from all the Disney parks and downtown Disney.

The hotel had several buildings and each building was a different sport. 
How ironic they put us in the baseball building?!

 The football building.

 The surf building.

Brayden loved racing his daddy & Bailey on the football field.
Every time we walked on it he wanted to race.

 Our room.

 This was the pool right at our building.
Gotta love Goofy pitching. :)'
 Notice the shape of the pool?
It's a diamond just like a baseball field.
 Another picture of the surf building.

 The basketball building.

 The tennis building.

 A few more pictures of the basketball building.

 How awesome is this huge whistle?!
We loved staying at this resort and would definitely stay there again!!
Next up...ESPN's Wide World of Sports. :)'

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