Monday, September 22, 2014

Disney Vacation - Epcot {part 1}

We spent the following day at Epcot.
Daddy-o getting his ticket. :)'

Brayden & Bailey were holding hands on their own.
How precious.

The first ride we rode was Spaceship Earth...which is the inside of the Epcot ball.
While going back down, you can make a video.
Here's a few pictures from ours.

When you get off the ride, your picture shows on the big screen.

Mr. Cool
If this isn't a mini me....I don't know what is. lol

Epcot had alot of hands-on stuff with kids.
B&B had alot of fun figuring out what pieces go where.

We watched these guys make music on trashcans.
They were pretty impressive.

We also did The Great Piggy Bank Adventure.
This was a hands-on, interactive experience where it teaches kids about setting goals and saving money. Of course...Brayden & Bailey don't understand those concepts right now, but they had alot of fun doing the stuff with the piggy banks.

The Nemo ride and the Talk with Crush was my favorite part of the whole day {well other than eating a huge thing of nachos in Mexico...and that sweet sugary doughnut with ice-cream on top.} :)'

We rode in clam cute, right?!

I still have a few more pictures from Epcot so I'll post a part 2. :)'
Check back soon.

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