Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Disney Vacation - Magic Kingdom {part 1}

It's been years since I've been to Disney World. Like 20-something years. I remember a few things about Magic Kingdom but not everything. I know Brayden & Bailey probably won't remember anything from this trip but at least they had fun at the time and plus their mama took plenty of pictures to look back at. ;) AND they got in for FREE!!!! {I mean really....who wouldn't take 2 toddlers to Disney World. haha}

I have to say...I was most excited about going to Magic Kingdom.
There's just something magical about that place.

They already had everything decorated for
fall/Halloween for the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party.

We went to Magic Kingdom first thing that morning. We got there just in time for the opening show where Mickey, Minnie and some of the characters rode in on the train. I can't begin to tell ya'll how excited I was. I think I was more excited than the kids.

After the opening show, we headed in.

I love these next two pictures I took of Brayden & Bailey on Main Street.
...especially this one.

00 wait time!!! How about them apples?! 
We couldn't have picked a better time to go to Disney. We didn't have to wait to get on the rides and if we did, it was only for a few minutes. The only ride we really waited for was the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
and that was only because it's one of the newer rides.
This was the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. 
This was the first thing we did.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin was the first ride we rode.
The 4 of us rode it together and the kids loved it.
Soon after we got off...Jasmine walked out. She was the first princess we got to meet.

She was extremely nice.

We came across a little 'hoe down in the street.
Pa joined in on the fun.

Chip 'n Dale were the first characters Brayden & Bailey got to meet.

You can't go to Disney and not ride It's A Small World.
Bailey is there....she's just hidden on the other side of me.

Here's a picture of Brayden & Bailey while we were waiting to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This was their first real roller coaster. 
Wouldn't 'ya know they put us in the very front.
After riding some rides...we saw some of the characters.
We met Rapunzel. She was very sweet.

We also met Cinderella.
She loved Bailey's necklace and said she might get her friends to make her one.

We passed by Alice from Alice in Wonderland...
and also saw Pooh & Tigger.
We hung out with Dumbo.

We met Goofy.

Just for the record...that's not sweat on our shirts. 
My dad and the kiddos played in the water fountain while 
Brandon and I took a potty break. 
My dad thought it would be funny to splash me, too.

All Brayden talked about was seeing Mickey and Donald.

We got to meet Daisy...

and Minnie. As you can tell....Bailey walked up to each character
and gave them a big hug. It was sooo sweet.

Mommmm -  you'll never guess who dad kissed!!!!

We didn't buy any sweets while we were there
but I figured I could at least snap a picture of them. They were too cute not to.
{oh wait....dad did buy fudge.}

I was just about to see how much the balloons cost when a lady walked up to me
and asked if my kids wanted hers. She totally made our day. Thank you sweet lady.

I'll post more on Magic Kingdom soon. I took way too many pictures for one post. :)'

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