Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Disney Vacation - Radisson

Beautiful rainbow in Jacksonville, FL on our way to Orlando.
The first night we were there we stayed at a different hotel than the rest of the trip. We got there a little before we had originally planned. Brandon and I booked the Radisson right near Disney. We were quite impressed with this hotel. It was really nice and alot cheaper than the Disney resort we stayed at. If we had not already booked All-Star Sports we would have definitely been happy to stay there the whole time.

We got in Orlando later in the evening and I promised the kids we would go swimming. Some of the pictures are a little dark since we were swimming at night.
 At the last minute we asked my dad to come along. 
We figured an extra set of eyes and arms 
would be very helpful {and it most certainly was.}

The next morning we swam some more until check-out time.

 We had breakfast by the pool. :)'

 Bailey loved swimming in the big pool way better than the kiddie pool.
Brayden would have been fine just staying in the kiddie pool.

 Brayden is still a little unsure about water so he's usually in someone's arms.

 Bailey is not scared of the water at all. She was constantly jumping in 
and going down the water slide.

 Bailey looked so grown going down the slide by herself.
{Below: Video}
 Brayden & Pa went down the water slide once. 
Brayden didn't really care for it. He watched sissy instead.
{Below: Video}

We love staying at the Radisson and would definitely stay there again.
I took over 500 pictures from our trip to Disney. I figured I'd break it up into different posts so it won't be so much.
Check back soon. ;)

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