Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Disney Vacation - Magic Kingdom {part 2}

Brayden & Bailey finally got to meet Mickey.
He actually talked!!!! I've never met a Mickey that talked.
He had us march around in a circle like we were elephants.
He made it feel so 'real.'

After seeing Mickey, we just-so-happened to run into Lecrae.
Brandon spotted him out while we were waiting in line. He was pretty sure it was him. I asked him just to make sure.
Sho' was.
We stood there and talked to him for a few minutes. 
He was very nice...nice enough to take a picture with us. ;)
After that, we headed back to Main Street for the parade.

The parade started at 3 that afternoon. 
This was the part I was most excited about and it did not disappoint.
We found us a seat on the curb and enjoyed every second of the Festival of Fantasy.

We got to see most of the Princesses.
{some of the characters B&B haven't been introduced to their movies 
so they didn't know who they were...but they'll know soon.} ;)

Our final ride of the day was the train that took us around Magic Kingdom.
While riding, we saw these 2...
and this little guy fell asleep.
We had such a wonderful time at Magic Kingdom. 
I'm sure ya'll can tell by the pictures. :)'
Next up...Epcot!!

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Lindsay Herkert said...

Looks like a fantastic trip! ☺ Makes me want to try out Disney World.