Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spot Festival

The weather was beautiful on Sunday and both 
Brandon's parents and my parents were in-town this past weekend 
so we loaded up the cars and headed to the Spot Festival.

 Nonnie {Brandon's  mom} & Brayden
Papa {my dad} & Bailey

 Brayden & Bailey liked watching the horsies.

 Bonnie {Brandon's mom} and I rode a camel.  

{Below: Video}

 Bailey loved the wooden fish.
 Brandon and Brayden enjoyed watching the man carve wood with a chainsaw.

 Nonnie & Grand-daddy {Brandon's parents}

 Gam-me and David Papa {my parents}

 Brayden & Bailey were both hesitate about throwing the rings at the ducks...
but, once they got started it was hard to get them away.
This was our first time going to the Spot Festival.
It was really fun. Brayden and Bailey seemed to enjoy it, too.

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