Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ILM Parent Magazine Cover

Remember me telling ya'll about Brayden & Bailey being on the cover of a magazine?
You can read about it here.
Well....the magazine came out the first week of May and here it is. 
Anyone recognize those cuties?!
The night it came out....Brandon was out the door and came back with an arm full. lol Why we need that many copies I'll never know. I can't blame 'em though. ;)
Someone we know has been seen holding it out the window going down the road. lol
I'd say we are a little proud around here. :)'


The Dworianyns said...

That is so cool and they look adorable, you have every right to be proud!

Leslie said...

THEY ARE SO STINKIN' ADORABLE! So much fun having your little ones in the spotlight like that. Proud mama! :) Love it. I'm hoping to get back to blogging sometime soon here. Hope you guys are doing well!

MegnHarry said...

So cool! I'm with the previous comment…you have every right to be a proud mama! Brag on! :-)

Lindsay Herkert said...

So exciting! Beautiful picture!! ♥