Monday, May 4, 2015

Greenfield Lake

Yesterday afternoon the four of us ventured to Greenfield Lake. We went to watch the trick bikes and play at the park...but we ended up seeing a few alligators while we were there. We've been out there several times so we knew Greenfield Lake had alligators in it; however, we had never seen one until yesterday. I was amazed. I've never been that close to a wild alligator {we didn't get that close...but close enough.} It was sorta creepy. The first one we saw was swimming slowly thru the water. There were tons of turtles right by it. The other 3 alligators were a few feet away from that particular one. They were just hanging out in the shallow water. One of them was up on land right by the water.
The first alligator we saw.
The other three.
{Below: Video}

 Brayden & I had been out to the skate park before. This was Brandon & Bailey's first time. The time Brayden & I were there before....there were several guys out there riding trick bikes. Brayden was amazed. I knew I had to take him back. Yesterday...there were only a few riding. It was extremely hot. I'm guessing that's why. The kids still enjoyed it.

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Lindsay Herkert said...

These pictures are gorgeous!!!