Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Feeding the "eagles" - Pic & Videos

We took lunch to the park and the kids ended up feeding the birds and the ducks all their bread. According to Brayden & Bailey, the birds are eagles. Where we live, we have 'eagles' everywhere....and any body of water we see there's sharks in it. :)'
{Below: Videos}

For some reason little miss priss wanted to sing to the ducks.
Fun with daddy.


MegnHarry said...

Hey gal!! Loved catching up on all your blog posts :-)

I'm doing good! We are all still alive so I say thats a win in my book! Trying to keep busy by going somewhere every day and that helps get us through the days until Matt comes back. We're also taking a trip home next week so that will be a nice break.

Keep on posting adorable videos and pics of your kiddos!

Laura said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Stacey! Have a Happy Mother's Day!