Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Where's Chippy?" - The month of December with our elf.

Each morning we found Chippy in a new spot. I have to say.....our elf was very smart and stayed out of trouble. We wanted him to be a good example. Not only were we lucky enough to have Chippy visit us....but daddy also left us cute notes when he left for work.

Every morning started off with "Where's Chippy?!"

Here's pictures from our month with Chippy.
Day 1
Chippy made his first appearance on the mantle.
The kids were excited he came to visit. Brayden was a little unsure...
but by the 2nd day he was fine with Chippy being at our house.

Day 2
Swingin' from the kitchen light.

Day 3
Just chillin'

Day 4
Chippy decided he wanted to swing.

Day 5
Our elf watching over us.

Day 6
Hangin' on the blinds.

Day 7
Chippy decided he wanted to be an ornament.

Day 8
Hangin' out on the mantle again.

Day 9
Chippy wanted to be in the picture, too.

Day 10
Chippy liked watching us cook.

Day 11
Chippy found a girlfriend!!

Day 12
"Look I'm up here on the top of the refrigerator."

Day 13
Chippy goes fishin'.

Day 14
Chippy the citizen.

Day 15
{Cearly...I don't know what I was thinking when I put him with the knives. lol} 
Good thing we stressed the importance to not touch Chippy!!!

Day 16
All aboard the "shoe-shoe" train.

Day 17
Chippy liked to watch over us. He's definitely not scared of heights.

Day 18
This morning on our way to preschool we found Chippy hanging out in our car.

Day 19
"Just my size."

Day 20
Chippy praying.

Day 21
Look who has their own stocking.

Day 22
Chippy hanging out with his pals.

Day 23
On Brayden & Bailey's birthday....Chippy brought balloons.

Day 24
We stayed the night at Nonnie & Grand-daddy's house. Chippy found us there. Brayden, Bailey & their cousin - Collin were excited to find Chippy hanging out on Nonnie & Grand-daddy's tree.
It's crazy how you can get attached to these things. I felt like he was real and really a part of our family. The kids are missing him already. They brought it up a couple times already...
"I miss Chippy."

This was our first year with Chippy and it was so much fun. Chippy wouldn't have been possible without the help of my wonderful husband. There were some nights I fell asleep on the couch....or nights I totally forgot to move him and Brandon picked up my slack. Talk about a good daddy!! :)'

I miss him already, too. Can't wait for the years to come with our Chippy. 
Until next year.

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The Dworianyns said...

This was our first year too and I was surprised how much I looked forward to the kids seeing the elf each morning too! It will definitely be something to look forward to in years to come!