Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Preschool Christmas Party - Pics & Videos

Brayden & Bailey had their Christmas party at school last week.
When I got there....I noticed new shirts. Shirts they made!! All the kids matched.

The kids made ice-cream cone Christmas trees.
They decorated their cones with green icing, M&M's and sprinkles.

{Below: Videos}

{Below: Video}
Brandon had to work the day of their party. 
We were all a little bummed about him not being there.

They gave presents to the parents.

The bag was full of things they had made at school.

 Mrs. Aikens & Mrs. Carsten gave the kids presents.

They insisted on taking a picture of me. lol
The kids had pizza for lunch...

and enjoyed treats from their friends.

Aren't their shirts the cutest?!
We're so thankful they have the best teachers and their enjoying preschool. 
They have learned so much!!

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