Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hugh McRae Egg Hunt

We definitely got our share of egg hunts this year. I think they are so much fun and the kids love it. Here are pictures from this year's egg hunt at Hugh McRae. You can see last years post here.
 They had several craft tables set up for the kids.

 We played for a few minutes before the egg hunt started. I tried my best to get them to stay right there with me but I also felt bad because all the other kids were playing.

I was actually a little nervous. There were tons of people there....bazillion kids running around and there I myself trying to keep up with 2 kids on my own. It was a little nerve racking. I totally had to trust God that they were going to be ok and they would find me in the midst of all the people. Luckily, Bailey didn't go far without hollering "mama." I couldn't keep up with Brayden. He was all over the playground. Every few minutes he would show up where Bailey was. Thank you God for looking after us and keeping us safe.

 Brayden & Bailey were in the 3-4 year old age group.
 Bailey stayed right with me. I told Brayden to run ahead. I knew he would come find us. He didn't go far and luckily I was able to find him each time.

 Showing each other their eggs.

After the hunt, we stood off to the side and the kiddos enjoyed a few pieces of candy.
They both picked Starburst. Only our child would bite it instead of putting the whole thing in her mouth. lol She told me she might she took bites instead. :)'
 Mouth full of candy.

The Easter bunny showed up at the end.
2 happy campers.

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