Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a great Easter. The Easter bunny came. Brayden & Bailey loved everything they got. We had an amazing service at church then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside.
A lot of the pictures may look similar but I didn't have the heart to only pick a few. 
Each one is different to me. :)'

I think they were pretty excited over their baskets.
Bailey got My Little Pony stuff and Brayden got Ninja Turtle.

Our kids love bandaids. They each got a box. 
It's the simple things.

Brayden was hoping the Easter bunny would bring him a Ninja Turtle watch. 
Peter Cottontail did not disappoint. ;)
This kid was excited to get his watch.

Notice he's still hanging onto the watch. haha
Yayy for new toothbrushes. :)'

Brayden got his daddy to help him put his watch on.
This little girl was excited to get her favorite movie.

Showing Gam-me & Pa what they got.

The Easter bunny did really good. He gave the kids 'little stuff' instead of a bunch of candy. They each got one pack of mini M&M's and that was plenty. They were in heaven.
The Easter bunny even left something for Pa & Gam-me.

Family picture after church.
Brayden & Bailey's teacher had made them little bags. 
Brayden was nice enough to share his sucker with Pa.
My parents. Love these two.
Me & the hubs. I love this guy too!!

Miss Priss prancing around.

We had a wonderful Easter. We hope ya'll did too.

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Stephanie Gray said...

Look how much they have grown! Such a beautiful family! We need to catch up!! Xoxo