Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Playdate @ Elaine's

We went over to our friend Elaine's house last week for a playdate 
with several moms and about 10 kids. We stayed for several hours. 
We had lunch and all the kids had fun playing outside and destroying the boy's playroom. lol
 The people behind Elaine's house have goats and chickens. 
The kids loved trying to get the goats to come to the fence.
 Brayden loved carrying around a bubble container.

 Bailey loved carrying around a bubble wand.

 Brayden & Bailey also mowed Elaine's yard while we were there. :)'

 Bailey wasn't too sure about the animals....so, she stood back and watched all the other kids.
 Brayden wasn't scared of the animals at all. He stood right at the fence.

 {Below: This picture shows what life is like with twins....wanting what the other has. lol 
Hold on....I think this is life with kids in general. haha}

 No sooner we got to the end of Elaine's road, our monkeys were fast asleep.

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