Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's New?!

Bailey's bottom 2 teeth finally made their appearance last weekend.
I didn't think her smile could get any cutier...but it's cutier than cute!
{Yes she has food on her face ;)...we took this after she had peaches last night.}
Brayden started holding his own bottle a couple days ago. He started off holding a 4 oz. bottle and then last night he held an 8 oz. bottle. You have no idea how excited I was. This is going to help me out sooo much! He's not holding it the entire time...he'll drop it from time to time...but hey, we are making progress.
Also...sleeping during the night has gotten soooo much better. Thank GOD! Instead of feeding him when he wakes up during the night...we just give him his paci. So far this has been working. Hopefully, he will be sleeping the whole night very soon! ;) This momma could sure use some rest.


MegnHarry said...

Her little teeth are too cute-we are still waiting for Addie's! So awesome Brayden holds his bottle!! Addie did when she was 4 months and now she doesn't even try AT ALL...lazy thing! So, I'm pretty jealous your little man does it...awesome!

Anonymous said...

Bailey is sooo cute, Brayden is a strong fella, these babies have so much personality. Ya'll are raising truly amazing babies!