Friday, June 22, 2012

Brayden & Bailey - 25 Weeks Old

This post is a week late. Sorry!
I've been extremely busy with the babies and watching our nephews all week.

Bailey is now flipping over from her back to her stomach. I woke up several times this past week to find her asleep on her stomach. No stopping her now...{even though her daddy flips her back over.} I'll have to post a video of it soon. ;)

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Anonymous said...

These babies are absolutely the cutest amongst all the blogs. Bailey is soooo adorable!!! Brayden is soooo handsome!!!! What lucky parents you two are and so are the little ones. God always knows what is best. They will be much better adjusted with family so close although I know you miss baseball you can always go to a game. Family is important and they are only little once; being around family is truly important. There is no one like family; friends will come and go. Back to important things - your babies are GREAT!!!!! Take care.