Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brayden & Bailey - 23 Weeks Old

We got Brayden and Bailey a little pool so they could keep cool this summer. :)
{WARNING: major picture upload!!!}
We should have known they would love it!!
 MiSs PrIsS
LiTtLe BrAyDeN
I can see me when I was little in this picture of Bailey.

Just chillin' at the Yarbrough Resort. :)

 Bebo wanted to join in on the fun and they didn't mind one bit.

They both loved the water.
Bailey loved to sit up and look around.
Brayden was constantly looking down at the water trying to touch it.
 Brayden's one cool dude!
 Check out that booty.
{She takes after her momma! lol}

Looks like we're gonna have 2 little swimmers in the future! :)


Anonymous said...

They are adorable, he is getting so big and she is so sweet! They are going to love the pool.

The Pagnozzi Post said...

LOL Love these pics!! So adorable!