Sunday, December 4, 2011

32 weeks

How Far Along: 32 weeks
Size of Babies: Both babies are estimated to be almost 4 lbs. We saw the specialist this past Thursday and for the first time...they weren't able to get accurate measurements because of how the babies were positioned. Brayden was 3 lbs. 11 oz. and Bailey was 3 lbs. 15 oz. I find this hard to believe considering they've been 1 oz. off every single ultrasound.
Sooo...where do I start?!
My body has completely changed since last week. I saw the regular doctor last Monday and the specialist last Thursday.....from Monday to Thursday....I gained 2 lbs. My feet stay swollen all the time now and now it's starting to go up my leg. I've started retaining fluid. You can tell just by looking at my face. The specialist couldn't believe it when he saw me. He told me that he felt sooo bad for taking me out of work when he did and I was doing soo well and sooo perky and now I've "turned the corner." 
All of a sudden my blood pressure has gone crazy. They checked it 4 times on Thursday while I was at the doctor's office. The first time it was high....147/80-something....I went back and told Brandon and he insisted me have them check it again. I waited a few minutes and they checked it again and it went down. When I saw the doctor, he checked it himself. It was back up again and by the end of my appt he had me sit there for about 15 minutes and checked it again. It finally had went down to 130/something {'s been crazy. I can't remember what it was...we've checked it sooo much since then.} I just knew he was about to send my butt to the hospital but luckily it went down. He said my body was just giving him warning signs that I was going to have preeclampsia but he just didn't know when. It has really scared me and I could tell my anxiety had definitely kicked in for a couple days. Brandon and I were constantly checking my blood pressure nonstop for 2 days straight which wasn't helping the situation at all. I think that just made us worry more. We've finally stopped worrying about it and have decided that if I start feeling bad.....we will just go to the hospital. 

They did an ultrasound and the babies are still doing great! They checked them really closely because they haven't been moving as much. The doctor watched both of them practice breathing. He checked Brayden first. Brayden was fine. Then he checked Bailey and I'm not gonna lie....I got a little scared. He watched her for a few seconds and then all of a sudden he told his assistant...."let's get her some juice." I can't begin to tell you the things that went thru my head. I just sat there and thought to myself...."juice? juice for what? what's going on?" I drank a couple sips of the juice and then the doctor said, "Wow! It's amazing how fast that stuff works." Never once did he explain to me why I needed the juice or what in the world was going on but I trusted him that everything was fine. I did find out later that night that they do that to make sure the babies are practicing breathing just incase they come early they will be able to take their first breath. {Thanks calmed me down alot!!!} :)

They scheduled me for another doctor's appt tomorrow and I have to go back in and have another ultrasound and probably have some bloodwork done and my blood pressure checked. Pray that everything goes well. I'm sooo happy and thankful I made it this far without any problems. Now...I feel like it's only a matter of time. When God is ready for me to have these babies then that's when they'll come. HE knows best!
Best Moment this Week: My dad came down and stayed several days this past week. It helped soooo much to have him here. I hated to see him leave. He actually cried. Poor Brandon has had to do everything and my dad was able to help Brandon get some stuff done. mom and aunt showed up and surprised me. I was sooo happy to see them!! I was able to go to church this morning and they got me out of the house........

we rode out to ONE store and we just so happened to run into one of my doctors {the doctor I'm actually seeing tomorrow} and she put me on bedrest. YES YOU READ IT RIGHT.....I was standing there in the middle of the store and SHE PUT ME ON COMPLETE BEDREST. She told me to go home and lay down and I was not to get up until my appointment tomorrow. She told me I could only get up to use the bathroom and if I don't then I would end up in the hospital. I knew it was coming. I just didn't really think it was gonna happen like that.


MegnHarry said...

So sorry you are having to go through all of this, but your little blessings will be so worth it! I am going to pray so hard that you don't develop pre-e and it was just a fluke! I completely understand about the whole anxiety thing too! I went through a bout with that last year when I wasn't pregnant and that did NOTHING for my blood pressure except make it high!!! I say it every week, but hang in there girl, and get your butt in bed :-)

Teri said...

Hey Stacey!!!
Listen to your dr. and stay in the bed. You are in our thoughts and always in our prayers!
I saw your mom Tuesday night! I was probably as excited to see her as you were :).
i wish you nothing but the best, sweet girl.
Love, Teri