Monday, November 28, 2011

They have HAIR!!!!!

I just got back from the doctor and got a good report. They usually don't do an ultrasound when I see the regular doctor but since my blood pressure was a little higher than usual, I've started swelling, and the babies' haven't been moving as much....they wanted to make sure they were ok.

My blood pressure was 131/75....which is still good but higher than what it has been being. I'm 32 weeks today and I'm measuring 38 weeks. That should tell ya how big I am. haha My feet and hands have started swelling within the last week or so and as of today my legs have started swelling. They did bloodwork just to make sure there wasn't anything going on and I should get those results back tomorrow or Wednesday sometime.

The babies' heart rates have slowed down alot...maybe because they don't have as much room to move....but they are still growing and moving like they are suppose to...I'm just not feeling it like I was.

I was ecstatic to hear her say that they both have HAIRRRR!!!!! It brought tears to my eyes and I almost started crying. I should have known they would because Brandon and I both are blessed with a head full of hair. This would explain why I've started having indigestion here lately. I'm not sure what their weighing now.....we will find out on Thursday! :) :)

Praise God I'm still doing great and the babies' are healthy!!!!


MegnHarry said...

So glad to hear y'all are doing good! And as for the 38 week belly.....I know EXACTLY how ya feel :-)

Aunt karen said...

hey glad the appointment went well and i found you going to put in for a week in jan it looks pretty clear so i will let you know when

aunt karen said...

and by the way you look just gorgeous

The Herkerts said...

I check your blog everyday! You look gorgeous and have done a fantastic job carrying those babies. I can't imagine what carrying two would be like!

Megan said...

Awwww, yay!!!! I'm so glad y'all are all healthy and happy!! And full of hair! Haha!