Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 weeks

How Far Along: 30 weeks

I can't believe it!!! I'm almost there!!!

I went to see the regular doctor this past Monday. Everything's still going great. Praise God! Bailey's heartbeat has slowed down some...which I sorta figured because for some odd reason she hasn't been moving around as much. I'm wondering if she's turned sideways and she's kicking her brother....she's done that before. Brayden has been moving alot more. His heartbeat was beating a little bit faster. Not much has changed since last week.

I'm starting to get a little emotional...{or shall I say frustrated.} I feel like I can't do anything without getting out of breath. When I do too much, my back starts hurting pretty bad. I get sooo worn out and push myself probably way too much. Brandon is constantly telling me to go sit down. It's sooo hard. There's sooo much I want to do and sooo much I need to do. I feel helpless! I walk sooo slow when I go anywhere. My hands have started tingling more...sorta like their falling asleep. When I bend them, they feel tight. When I sit at the table to eat....there's been a few times here lately I have to hold my plate right up to me because it's uncomfortable to lean forward; plus, my lower legs and feet start to tingle and feel numb. The specialist told me at our last visit that when I pretty much do anything but lay down....I'm cutting off my blood flow.

I'm still feeling great {sounds like it, right....haha just kidding!} but I have my moments where I'm sooo uncomfortable. Well look how much weight I'm carrying around. I'm pushing and pulling these days. lol! As of last belly measured 36 cm. {Yeah....that's the size of someone about to deliver one baby!} Give me some credit...I have a little right to complain, right? ;)

What I'm Looking Forward To: Thankgiving with Brandon, Black Friday shopping....{yep, you read it right! I AM going!!!} and you know what that means......after Thanksgiving, we get to put up our Christmas decorations. I love this time of year! I can't waitttt!!!!!! :) :)
Someone ate all of Grandmother's cake...not quite sure who it was! ;)'


MegnHarry said...

Hang in there! You are almost at the finish line!

Lauren said...

Yay! :) I bet you can't wait to meet them!

Kathy Peitz said...