Monday, December 5, 2011

Good Report

I went to the doctor today and got a good report. My blood pressure was 131/83 and my pulse was 85. {Which is a little high for me....but not bad.} There was no protein in my urine which is great news. This means I have not developed preeclampsia yet. They still seem to think I'm going to but just don't know when. My feet and legs are still swollen but the doctor didn't seem too worried about it since my urine was fine. They did another ultrasound today and the babies are doing great. Their doing their practice breathing just like their suppose to. :) {Little Miss Bailey has more hair now...we seem to think she's gonna look just like me when I was a baby. I had alot of hair....pitch black! We have yet to see her face tho!}

I'm 33 weeks today and I'm measuring 39 weeks. I'm one big girl these days! lol. The doctor said I was doing good and she said as long as I'm doing good and the babies are doing good....they will keep them in there as long as they can.

Thanks for all the prayers and comments. It means alot!!

oh yeah......Bailey had hiccups for the first time last night. Kinda scared me and Brandon at first. We didn't know what was going on. It felt like kicks....but there was rhythm to it....then we realized what it was. She had them again about an hour ago. :)


MegnHarry said...

So glad you got a good report!!! Yay for no pre-e yet!!

The Denoves said...

Yeah!!!!!!!! Love those good reports

The Lutz Family said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on our blog all the time. I always have a hard time getting comments to post, but read your blog all the time! I always get a smile on my face every blog post showing those sweet babies are still growing in your belly another week :) I can't wait for all the blog posts on life with twins. Best of luck to you guys when the big day comes! Lots of prayers heading your way!!

Megan said...

I'm so glad that everything was good!!!! You look amazing!!