Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Doctor's Appt Yesterday

I saw the regular doctor yesterday just for a checkup. EVERYTHING was GREAT! I couldn't have asked for a better report.

My blood pressure was perfect! No protein in my urine! The swelling is about the same {which that's not gonna change until the babies are born}.....and I have officially gained 47 pounds. WOW! I can't believe it! haha I'm definitely packing on the pounds here at the end. As of yesterday, I'm 34 weeks and I'm measuring 40 weeks.

They did an ultrasound of the babies and both are practicing their breathing exactly like their suppose to. The doctor told me if they were born now their lungs are developed and they would be just fine. They would have to stay in NICU for a little bit but they would be ok. This was a huge relief to know. We got to see Brayden's face and we are pretty sure he's gonna look just like his daddy. :) We still have yet to see Bailey's face but we did see one of her ears. Bless her heart.....I think she's gonna have my ears. haha She has more hair now too. She'll probably come out looking just like me. I had a head full of pitch black hair when I was born. I was chunky and looked like a monkey. lol

I am scheduled to see the specialist on Thursday and I'm hoping we will be able to schedule a c-section for the near future. ;)

Thank GOD for the GOOD reports here lately. We are soooo blessed and know we have tons of people praying for us!


MegnHarry said...

Prayer works!!!! Soooo glad you and babies are healthy! Good job mama!

Lauren said...

God is so powerful! I'm so glad everything is okay! I can't wait to see pictures of them! :)