Thursday, February 26, 2015

We got sn❄w!!

We got snow {or shall I say - ice} on Tuesday. One inch that is. Just enough to make a mess. It was coming down good when we first got up; however, I was not going out at 7 in the morning. lol
Bailey immediately went to her room and got dressed. She said she was going out in the snow. She came out with this on...
I thought it was funny how she stood there while I took her picture. It looks like she's modeling. lol By the time we ate breakfast and got all had stopped. We still went out and had fun in our one inch of ice snow.

And, this is how we do it at the beach.
{Below: Videos}

Who needs sleds when you have floats. ;)


The Dworianyns said...

LOVE it, it's fun for a day, but let me tell you after a few months it gets old and really cold, ha!

Johannah said...

So cute!!! But I am so over the snow! haha =)

Crystal Mary said...

God Bless you all.. Its a thrill for me to see you all having fun and being happy. xxx