Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Library

One of our friends invited us to the library for story/music time. I figured we would give it a try. I was a little hesitate about going since I had Laney that day. Not only did I have to worry about my 2 sitting still, but Laney also. It actually worked out since Brandon had the day off. Such a good daddy to go with us on his day off. :)'

I wasn't exactly sure how all 3 kiddos would do but they did great. There was a room full of kids. I think the music was their favorite part because they got to play the instruments. The class lasted about 20 minutes....which was plenty for Brandon. I was gonna stay for the next class but I was lucky Brandon sat through that one. lol He really didn't mind. I think it was the fact he felt a little out of place with all the women. haha After the class we hung out and let the kids do puzzles. Surprisingly, Bailey enjoyed it so much she didn't want to leave. She asked to stay. More than likely we will be going back.

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