Thursday, February 12, 2015

Our Weekend {weekend before last}

Just some pictures from our trip to my hometown.
We spent Friday evening with the Baker's.
We ate pizza for dinner {B&B's favorite.}
Brayden & Bailey love hanging out with their cousins.

That would be my dad taking a selfie with my phone. :)'
 Danielle has the sweetest dog.
She's so loving.
 And because I {usually} always have some sort of camera near by....
I was able to capture this moment of Brylee falling into the toilet. lol
B&B introduced Braxton & Brylee to hide and seek.
They found the coolest place to hide.
{Below: Video}

Saturday was busy, busy. We started it with Collin's basketball game first thing that morning...then Conner & Camden's birthday party and then a surprise cookout for my aunt's birthday. I was one worn out mama by Sunday but we had fun.
{Below: Video}
Collin catches the rebound.
When the game was over, Brayden cried. He didn't understand why he couldn't go out on the court and play. {The kid would have went out there and played if I would have let him and there's no doubt in my mind that he could of hung right with them. He loves anything that has to do with a ball.} We then went outside the gym and let the kids run around. Brayden was definitely on cloud 9 by this point.
Bailey, Brayden, Collin & Brooklyn {Collin's other cousin -- such a sweetheart.}

 {Below: Video}

 Tami, Alicia & Brooklyn weren't able to come to Brayden & Bailey's birthday party
so they brought their present to the game.
 They loved all their Frozen & Ninja Turtle stuff!!
After the game....we headed to Gam-me & Pa's house 
to hang out for a bit before Conner & Camden's party.

It's hard to believe these boys are 7. again!!

Our final stop....Nanny's house for Mam-me's cookout.
She was surprised. I'm so happy we were able to be there.
{Below: Video}
This video will show you how crazy my family is. :)' Love 'em.
The birthday girl.

The kids pigging out.

My mom with her sisters.
{Below: Videos}
Inside joke. I had to post this video because it was too funny not to. I love looking back at stuff and this one will definitely be one I wanna look back at. lol
The adults were acting crazy and so were the kids.
We did get onto them once we got the video. ;) that's what I call a busy weekend. :)'

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