Saturday, October 13, 2012

Last weekend recap

Last weekend we traveled to our hometowns to see our family and friends.
Here are a few pictures.
We took the babies to Autumn fest. It didn't take Bailey long to zonk out.
We also went to Alicia's bridal shower.
Above: Alicia, her mom - Tami and sweet little Brookyln.
Below: Alicia with her mom and future mother-in-law.
Two very sweet families.
She couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law.
 My mom with Brayden and Brandon's grandmother with Bailey Boo.

 Brandon's mom with Bailey.

Here are 2 videos from dinner with Nonnie {Brandon's mom.}
{I was giving Brayden and Bailey water out of a straw. This is not the first time we've done would think so by the faces they made. lol I guess the water was a little too cold for them. haha}

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