Thursday, July 19, 2012

God is Faithful.

I feel like there are so many people that need prayer right now.
There are several people that are heavy on my heart.

Please pray for....

My cousin, Jennifer. She is having surgery tomorrow.
She has a tibia fracture injury from a waterslide.
Our nephew, Collin. He's also having surgery tomorrow.
Brandon's cousin's mother-in-law. She's having another surgery tomorrow.
She is very lucky to be alive and we thank God that He placed guardian angels
around her and her husband during their wreck.
I have a close friend who recently found out she's pregnant. Her and her husband have been trying for awhile now and it's such a blessing that they have a miracle in the making. 
I have an unspoken....God knows. :)
My aunt Karen and her church family as their dealing with several loss due to a murder.
One of my bloggy friends that recently found out she's pregnant.
My friend, Lauren and her baby, Luke. Praying for a healing and hoping he will be home in Lauren's arms very soon.
AND....Brandon and I can always use yours prayers. :)

I also just read several prayer requests on Kelly's Korner.
It just breaks my heart. My heart goes out to all these people.

We may not remember each and every one of these people when we pray but
God knows our heart.

I am so glad that God is faithful and He promises us He won't put anymore on us than we can handle. 

"God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength but with your testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it" (1 Corinthians 10:13).

God is so good and prayer does change things.
and always remember....
if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. ;)

Can I get an Amen?!

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The Pagnozzi Post said...

Thanks for this Stacey! I will be praying for you and your friends! PS- The babies are precious as always! xo