Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brayden & Bailey are 6 Months Old!

{This post is a little late...but better late than never, right?!}
There's so much that has gone on with these two this past month.
Hopefully I'll be able to remember it all.
Bailey Boo ~ You are still growing way too fast. At your 6 month check-up several weeks ago, you were weighing 18 lbs. and your 25.75 inches long. You are currently wearing 6 month clothing and size 3 diapers. I'm pretty sure you are about to outgrow your 6 month clothes. Your eyes are still a bea-u-ti-ful blue. I'm beginning to think their gonna stay this color. They are gorgeous! Your smile is contagious. I love to see you smile. You're so funny...if you get tickled...you smile and tuck your little head into our shoulders. It's so cute. You have your own little personality. :) You now have 2 bottom pearly whites and boy are they sharp. You love sticking our fingers in your mouth and your still sticking your thumb in your mouth. You were trying to suck your thumb at one point but your daddy put a stop to that real quick. Since you and Brayden have been teething, you both have had diaper rashes and they have not been fun. The doctor prescribed some medicine for us to use on you and Brayden so it doesn't get too bad. It seems to be working. You are still eating every 3 hours....still getting oatmeal at breakfast, lunch and dinner...and we also spoonfeed you right before your dinner bottle. I'm pretty sure you and Brayden have tried all the basic baby foods there are to try. You have seemed to like all the fruits and vegetables we have given you. You and Brayden were both hestitate about green beans though...that's definitely not one of your favorites. You now have your second cold. It started off with a little cough...I actually thought you were imitating someone cough when it first started. After that first week, I knew you were getting sick. You have had a terrible cough...so bad that your little face turned bright red and you couldn't catch your breath. I had to pat you on the back and blow in your face for you to catch your breath. This really scared me. I'm pretty sure you stopped breathing for a second...thank God this only happened once. You've had this terrible cold for about 4 weeks and I think your just now starting to get better. We've been giving you Pedialyte {strawberry} and you love it. Other than that there hasn't been anything we could do for your cold other than just letting it run it's course and running the humidifier nonstop when your sleeping. Your skin has been a little dry on your belly and you've had some rashy spots...I asked the doctor about it at your 6 month check-up and he seemed to think it might be eczema. We have been putting steroid cream on it a couple times a day and it seems to be getting better. It seems to really come out when you get hot. Girlfriend, you are all over the place. You aren't crawling yet, but your rolling all over the floor. I can be in the room and walk out for just a second and you end up wayyy on the other side. You think your really something being able to get around the way you do. You'll be on your stomach, look up at us and smile and then your back to rolling around everywhere. You're such a mess! You are getting too big for the swing. I thought that day would never come. I'm gonna keep them around for a little bit longer but it won't be for too long. Your head is almost to the top of the seat. Oh I almost forgot...your curls. Your beautiful curls! Where they came from...I have no idea but I hope they stay around. :) {Actually....we know someone that prayed and prayed for you to have curly hair. That's exactly where it came from.} You have grown so much this month. You really need to slow down...please please please. I look forward to what next month holds for our precious baby girl.
We love you so much Bailey Bug!
Sweet Brayden ~ Oh my goodness...have you grown!! When I took you for your 6 month check-up, you were weighing 18 lbs. 12 oz. and 26.75 inches long. I literally think you grow overnight. You are currently wearing 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers. Your eyes are still a bea-u-ti-ful blue also. We still wonder if their going to change. Either way...you are one handsome boy! Your hair has gotten a little bit darker but still has a redish tint to it. Your smile is also contagious. You smile and laugh at anything and everything. Anything your daddy and I say or do....you think is sooo funny. We love love love to hear you laugh and it doesn't take much. Your pearly whites haven't appeared yet but it's only a matter of time. You contantly have your thumb in your mouth but you only try to bite down on it. You are still eating about every 3 hours....oatmeal with a bottle for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We spoonfeed you right before your dinner bottle. You have loved everything we have introduced you too...but, you are just like your sister...you two just aren't too sure about green beans {especially Bailey}. You still aren't sleeping the whole night, but I can say...it has gotten better. Thank the Lord! ;) You will squirm at night and all we have to do is give you your paci and you are back out. We are keeping our fingers crossed that you will be sleeping the whole night very soon. I've been trying to keep you up a little bit later just to see if you will sleep a little longer at night. So far...it hasn't worked. You don't require a lot of sleep and every single time you wake up...you wake up smiling. You recently started rolling over and as soon as you got that down pat...you have been all over the place. When I walk out of the room, you and Bailey will be in the middle of the floor. By the time I walk back in there...you've gone one way and Bailey goes the other. You usually get stuck right by the recliner and your jumperoo so I move you back to the center of the floor for you to only do it again. :) This month you and Bailey both learned to hold your own bottle. You still aren't holding it all the time, but you do here and there. You are about to graduate from your bouncer. I put you and Bailey on the table to spoonfeed ya'll and you try to turn sideways out of it. I think it's about time for a high-chair for you little man. You are also about to outgrow your swing. You have gotten so long that your head is almost to the top of the seat. You still love the jumperoo. You are always falling asleep in it. You jump until your just worn out. When I try to get you out without waking you up, you usually wake up and start jumping again right away. Your daddy recently moved your crib from our bedroom to you and Bailey's room. Last night was the first night that ya'll slept in your room together in your own cribs. I slept in a pallet right inbetween your cribs on the floor. I'll probably continue sleeping in there until you are fully sleeping thru the night. You also have had a summer cold. Bailey had it first, then you and then your daddy & I got it. We all had it at the same time. You and Bailey acted like it didn't even bother ya'll. You only had it for a few days and your just about over it. Today was your last day at physical therapy for your neck. You were going twice a week for a month or so and then you have been going once a week. The physical therapist thought you have been doing great and felt like you didn't need anymore therapy. We are sooo happy with the improvement and we can tell you are now comfortable with moving your head both ways. We are thankful that it just need stretched and it wasn't anything structural. You have grown so much this month and we can't wait to see what next month has in store for our sweet baby boy.
We love you so much Brayden!
Brandon and I can't thank God enough for blessing us with these two beautiful babies who we love so very much. We are so grateful and truly blessed to be their parents. I'm also thankful to have a wonderful husband and I thank God everyday for putting us together. He's exactly what I prayed for.
I just love this verse and it is so true.
Matthew 7:7
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
I don't believe that God will give you just anything you ask for. You have to keep him first in your life and fully trust Him to direct your path. Just remember...
He always sees the 'big picture.'
Also, Proverbs 22:6 is an awesome verse.
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
I pray that Brandon and I will always be the Christian parents he would have us to be. I want us to always set a good example for not only Brayden and Bailey but anyone we come in contact with. :)

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