Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I will be your guinea pig any day!

I started back to work at the Ob-Gyn office I worked at last off-season and I'm already enjoying it!! Yesterday they wanted to try out a new machine and they asked me to be their guinea pig. Of couse I said yes! I was sooo thrilled to see the babies. We finally got some good pictures of baby A.
Below: Baby A with it's hand beside it's face {posing already!! haha}
 Here is another picture of baby A. The hand is still beside the face on this one too.
 Baby B just hanging out!
 Baby B is on the left...sitting up right and Baby A is on the right with it's head at the bottom with it's butt facing us. Baby A is flipped upside down. This made me happy. Last u/s baby A slept the whole time and didn't move much. This time baby B moved it's arms and legs; baby A moved it's arms just a little. Seeing baby A flipped upside down let me know it is moving around. haha
 Baby B's heartbeat
and Baby A's heartbeat. That 'lil stinker is still flipped upside down.
I was sooo excited yesterday because I got a F.R.E.E. ultrasound.
About an hour later....2 others girls caught me in the hallway and wanted to try out another u/s machine. This machine was handheld and looked alot like an Ipod. {Man...the things they come up with!} So...I got to see the 'lil squirts again! By this A was head up. I couldn't believe it had already flipped again.
P.S. I made sure it was ok to have these extra ultrasounds done and they said it was fine.
ohhh yeah...I found out some reallyyyy exciting news today but I can't tell just yet!!!
I promised!!
{No, there's not 3 though I seem to wonder. haha}

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Anonymous said...

You are truly blessed with two little ones! You and your husband will be awesome parents. Take care..