Wednesday, July 6, 2011

11 weeks

Thank God I have been feeling sooooo much better.
I've upped my nausea medicine to twice a day and it has helped me tremendously!
Brandon and my lil' cousins, Jazz & Hailey found something this past weekend that has saved me life......
Colgate KIDS toothpaste!!!!!
Love it!! I no longer dryheave when I brush my teeth! {Well, at least I haven't yet!} :)
I feel like such a kid....all the vitamins I take now are gummies.
I can't get pills down anymore from being sooo sick.
My mom, aunt and my 2 cousins rode down this past weekend and stayed a few nights with us. While they were here, we drove down to Myrtle Beach and saw Kutless in concert {for free....which makes it even better!!!}
Brandon's FAVORITE band everrrr!!! This was our 2nd time seeing them in concert. They're awesome.

Nanny & her girls

Hoops & Brandon
 Mom, Jazz & Nanny
 My momma~

 Brandon, me & Hoops

On the way home....Hailey wanted Krispy Kreme doughnuts really bad. We did find one....but it was packed out. The drive-thru line wrapped around the whole building and the line inside was crazy. It wrapped around twice. I insisted on us staying 'cuz she wanted it sooo bad. Brandon, Jazz & I drove thru the drive-thru while mom, Nanny & Hailey went and stood in the line inside. {Betcha' can't guess who got to order first.....haha --
me, Brandon & Jazz!!}
Hailey was one happy little girl! :)
We had an awesome weekend! I hated for them to leave.
{Well, Miss Hailey bug stayed with us....she's here all week!!!!}


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

you are so smart doing gummies for vitamins and using kid toothpaste. I was a fool and did it the hard way I threw up every time i brushed and I never kept my pills down. Now i know.

Kathy Peitz said...

Had a great time with youll this weekend.

Kathy Peitz said...

YEA BABY those doughnuts awesome.....HOT =O)YUMMMMY.