Wednesday, July 13, 2011

12 weeks

I've always waited for this day! I can't wait to be a mommy to 2 beautiful babies!

How Far Along: 12 weeks......yay....I survived the 1st trimester!!

Size of Babies: We went and got ultrasounds done yesterday and their running about the same size. One measured at 5.8 cm and the other was 6 cm.

Total Weight Gain: Maybe we shouldn't even go there...but I am pregnant so I'll tell...haha. Based on the scale at the doctors, 5 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Haven't started wearing maternity clothes. However, I'm pretty sure I skipped the "in-between" stage. Brandon bought me a belly sleeve which I absolutely love. I'm still able to wear my clothes. I've been wearing alot of dresses.

Gender: The specialist we saw yesterday told us next time we come in to see him he should be able to tell. That appointment is in 4 weeks. We can't wait to find out!

Movement: Nothing yet; however, baby B was jumping up and down all over yesterday.

Food Cravings: I haven't started craving anything yet. I did want arroz con pollo from the Mexican restaurant the other night but had to eat it without the cheese. :( bummer!

What I Miss: Being able to get my hair done!!! Thankfully I can get it done very soon and I'm going to be one happy girl! Toni -- I want feathers!!!! Can I be your guinea pig? and most of all.....SWEET TEA!!

Sleep: My sleep isn't that great. I usually get up once or twice during the night to use the bathroom. I toss and turn alot. I absolutely LOVE sleeping on my stomach and have had to adjust to sleeping on my side and back. My mom and dad bought me a pregnany pillow and that has helped somewhat. It's been very hard for me to fall asleep. I have the best husband in the world that plays with my hair every night to get me to sleep.

Symptoms in the beginning: In the beginning up to here recently....vomiting....dryheaving. I've had a few headaches but not bad. Nothing tastes good. Can't hold food down. Sensitive....very sensitive to smells (especially bacon! -yuck!) Lower backaches. Indigestion....Brandon has to beat me on the back to burp. haha Doctor put me on Zofran and that's messed me up going to the bathroom. I have to take stool softener and fiber gummies everyday. That's helped me tremendously.

Symptoms now: Not vomiting anymore. Dryheaving here and there. So much better than what I was. Food is starting to taste better. Still sensitive to smells. Still taking Zofran, fiber gummies, prenatal gummies and now the doctor has put me on more vitamins since there's 2. Oh yeah...I cry over the funniest things. We went out to dinner the other night with alot of my family and my cousin, Hailey looked over at me across the table....she started laughing at me asking "Stacey, are you crying? Why are you crying?" There was a group of people sitting right near us and they had surprized a guy and he was really emotional. I sat there watching him and it made me cry. haha :) It's called hormones! lol. (I know I're probably laughing at me right now.)

Best Moment This Week: My parents coming down and seeing the babies yesterday!!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Getting some rest and spending time with my husband. :)

Next Appointment: We go back to see the regular doctor next week. We see the specialist again in 4 weeks.

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Kathy Peitz said...

HAD A AWESOME TIME STAYING WITH YOU GUYS . I LOVE YOU BOTH LOL I MEAN ALLLL OF YOU . WAS GREAT!!!!!! SEEING OUR GRANDNBABIES IN A ULTRASOUND HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE OF A BABY MUCH LESS BABIES. BABY B WAS SOMETHING ELSE =o) ,BABY A NAPPING ;o)LOL.all i can say is you guys are blessed blessed blessed.....(Brandon probable has bruises on his back because every time the babies move i`d push on his back lol