Monday, May 15, 2017

Legoland - Vacation 2017

While in Florida...we went to Legoland.

 I'm really glad we went here. We had the best time. 
I think I enjoyed Legoland the most out of our trip. There was alot more for Bailey and Brayden to do. I would highly recommend taking our kids there if you've never been there before.
 Everything was made out of legos.

 They had stuff for smaller children as well as the bigger kids.

 I loved the pig legos. They were so cute,
This ride was sooo cute.

 This ride you had to shoot at targets to get points. 
Both the kids wanted to ride upfront with their daddy. I guess they thought they would win. 
Mama got the most points and beat them all.
 Brayden and Bailey loved playing in this thing. We spent alot of time here.

 Ninjago world had just opened a few days before. Brayden isn't really into Ninjago but he does like the ninja people. I was excited for Brayden to see all the ninjas. 
I was definitely more excited than he was. lol 
Don't get me wrong....he was excited...but not like me. haha

 The Ninjago ride was pretty cool.

 Brayden didn't think so.

 We ate lunch while we were there.
 Brandon was super excited because 1- they had gluten free bread and 2- we won a free combo. 
God was looking out for us.
 This ride was cute. The kids got to drive their own car around. The funny thing soon as Bailey walked up to her car....she acted like she was filling it up with gas. It was the cutest thing. I wish I could have gotten that on video.


After driving...the kids got their licenses.

The restaurant where we had lunch...

There was a whole section where everything was made of legos.


 We saw characters.

 We saw a great show.
Brayden and Bailey were asked to help out with the show...

 Legoland closed at 6 that day and of course we stayed until they closed. 
When we left...we took a stroll thru the Legoland hotel.

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Kelly Denise said...

I want to go here!!!! Looks so much fun