Monday, May 15, 2017

Animal Kingdom - Vacation 2017

We went to Animal Kingdom our 2nd day. The kids and I had never been so we were pretty excited. Brandon had gone before with a friend when he was younger but a lot had changed since then.

It was pretty chilly while we were there. I wasn't expecting it to be that cool but luckily we had packed a few warm clothes just in case.

On the tram...

I'll just say the kids didn't care for A Bug's Life. That was the first thing we did when we got in. We got our glasses...took our seats and within seconds they were both scared to death so out we went.

We saw a few characters.
Brayden and Bailey love The Lion King and The Lion Guard 
so it was fun to see The Lion King show.
 The performers were ah-mazing.

The safari ride was awesome. The kids loved seeing all the animals.

We saw ostrich eggs.

 We rode the train to the other side of Animal Kingdom.

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Kelly Denise said...

I never been to Animal Kingdom, looks very fun