Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014 - part 2

We took pictures at our house and then headed to some of our friend's houses.
I was able to snap a picture of Brayden & Laney 
by themselves but Miss Bailey Boo wasn't interested.

Every year we go over to Brylee & Garreth's house.

Then to Mrs. Kathy & Ray's.

Then to Jerry & Sylvia's.
Jerry & Sylvia always have something special for Brayden & Bailey.
They've done this since their 1st Halloween.

After that we grabbed a bite to eat and headed to a trunk or treat near the beach.

This was the 1st time we had been trunk or treating here. 
They had alot of bouncey things for the kids. 
It was a chilly night but the kids still had so much fun. 
We watched the inflatable bowling. Bailey wanted to do it right away. She wanted to do it by herself. I was afraid she was going to get in it and get scared but Brandon showed up just in time. Brandon had to work late so he met us there.
This girl was happy to see her daddy.
Love this picture.
Brandon & Bailey did the inflatable bowling together.
Once they got in...they put more air in the ball.
Almost ready...
There they go.

Here they come.
About to get out.

One last jump before we left.

"Would ya'll like some of these cupcakes?!"
"Suuurrreeee." :)'

My parents, me, Mrs, Kathy, Brayden, Brandon, Bailey & Mr. Ray
We had alot of fun but it was time to call it a night. 
The lights shut out on us. We closed the place down. haha

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