Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Brandon's 30th Birthday Party

This past weekend Brandon turned 30. I had planned a surprise birthday party at our house with our family and close friends. We had about 33 people show up...which was just about everyone that was invited. The party was Ninja Turtle themed since Brandon loved Ninja Turtles growing up. Thank God the party was a huge success and he didn't find out about it until a few hours before. :)'
Now to the good stuff....pics. 
The food table & cake

 Ninja Turtle fruit snacks
 Ninja Turtle mac and cheese

 I was so excited about the Ninja Turtle cookies.
The kids loved them {especially Brayden...he carried his around for the longest time.}
 Turtle pizza gummies
 A few of our favorite people...


The fam-bam

Brayden finally decided to take a bite. :)'

Conner wrote this for Brandon for his birthday.
So sweet...yet funny. lol

Cake time!!

Looks like Brandon's doing the heimlich maneuver on me. lol 
He knows I hate to be spun around but does it anyways. Such a boy.

Pa let Bailey hold his chap stick. The girl has a slight obsession. 
She can't put it on just once. How about smudging it on every 2 seconds.
The boys waited all day to play PS3. We finally let them play when everyone left.
We ended the day eating out with the family.

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