Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mina & Mya's 3rd Birthday Party

While we were at home visiting, we celebrated Mina & Mya's 3rd birthday.
{Mina & Mya are the other set of twins on my mom's side - B&B's cousins.}
It's hard to believe these girls are now t-h-r-e-e.

We played in the bounce house. I tried my best to get them to do the slip and slide. I had Matt-Matt {my cousin} to do it to show the kids how it's done. His poor chest was red. They still weren't interested. They bounced instead.
 Getting our grub on...
 Brayden ate lots of watermelon.
 Bailey ate some de-lic-i-ous strawberry shortcake.
It was soooo good!!!!
 Mina & Mya's Mickey birthday cake.

My aunt, Mam-me with Mina & Mya's brother, Jayden.

All the kids had fun playing with Mina & Mya's toys.
The tricycle was everyone's favorite.


 Braxton decided to ride in and see what all the excitement was about. 
We laughed when he came in the room with the helmet on.

Bailey came out of the play room with jewelry and heels on. 
{Notice they don't match and I think their both the left shoe.} 
 She is definitely a Miss Priss to a tee.

 The birthday girl is sharing with her cousin. How sweet!!
Love these sweet girls.

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