Monday, September 10, 2012

My cousin's wedding

My cousin, Matt-Matt got married on September 1st.
Here are some pictures from the wedding.
 The Groom

Little Jayden
Mia walked down the aisle. :) It brought tears to my eyes. It was the cutest thing.

Mina got carried down the aisle. She didn't want to walk. haha
Mia went straight to her daddy.

The beautiful bride and her daddy.
Jayden wanted to sit in his Nana's lap.

 The new Mr. and Mrs. Sessoms :)
My cousin, Casey. Matt-Matt's sister.
My cousin Danielle's little boy, Braxton.
My cousins - Hailey, Jazz and Danielle holding Bailey and Brayden.
My cousin, Hailey.
She's still beautiful even when she makes silly faces. :)
 The Sessom's Family
My cousin, Jenn with her husband, Chris.
Girl cousins...minus a few.

 Matt-Matt & Jayden
 Me & Bailey Bug.

 I didn't get any pictures with Brandon and Brayden
because they had went to pull the car up.

Sweet sisters. My cousins, Hailey and Jazz.
Here are just a few pics from the reception.
{Below: Matt-Matt and his mom, Dena.}
 My mom and Bailey Boo

 My mom and her sister, Mam-me.
 Jazz holding Brayden. Brayden didn't last very long.

 My uncle Greg and one of the twins. {I can't tell them apart.}
 Bailey finally gave in.
 Grandma Pat and my uncle Ricky.
Congrats Matt-Matt & Tashina! We love ya'll bunches!
{I'm missing my sweet family already!!!}

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Teri said...

hey Stacey!! I love the picture of Bailey with your mom. I just love her curls, I pray they just keep coming and get curly-er :)!
I get to see my favorite hairdresser on Saturday!! I can't wait.
take care, y'all look so beautiful.