Sunday, September 9, 2012

Brayden & Bailey are 8 Months Old!

 Our sweet babies are 8 months old!
I'm late on writing this always.
These sweet 'thangs keep us sooo busy these days
and we are loving every second of it!
Bailey Bug ~ Oh how you have grown this past month. I can't believe that you are 8 months old! It won't be long and you will be 1 year old. You are currently wearing 9 month clothes. You and Brayden are growing like weeds. Your 6 month clothes are really tight so we had to move you up to the next size girlfriend. Your belly sorta showed in one of your shirts one day and your daddy told me, "Stacey, she can't wear this. This is wayyyy too small." He picks on me because I told him it makes me sad ya'll are growing sooo fast. I don't know where the time goes...but it's a good thing. :) You are wearing size 4 diapers now. You were filling your diapers right we knew it was time to up the diapers too. We have started spoon-feeding you and Brayden at both lunch and dinner time. You always know when we put you in your's time to eat! Let me tell are one demanding little girl. I can't feed you fast enough. You always make noises or 'holler' to let me know you are ready for another bite. Once I give it to always go "hhhmmm." You have tried everything there is as far as baby food and you like it all. Green beans and peas have grown on you and Brayden. At first, ya'll didn't really care for them. After we feed you one vegetable and one fruit, we give you a 4 oz. bottle. Most of the time you finish it, but sometimes you'll save it for later. We have introduced you to several 'grown-up' foods (mashed potatoes, vanilla ice-cream, and cheese from my mac'n cheese.) You love mashed potatoes. If I'm eating french fries, I'll give you and Brayden the soft part out of the middle and you like that too. :) I gave you just a little taste of my vanilla ice-cream that I had in a cone. Your daddy got onto me for giving you that. I only gave you just a taste...I figured it would help ease your gums. ;) haha You are still sleeping thru the night. :) You are ready to hit the sack around 7 pm and you usually wake up anywhere around 5:45-7:00 am. Most of the time I will hear you in your room playing in your crib. When you first see us in the morning, you have the biggest grin. This past month you have started crawling all over the place and pulling up. You also had your first boo-boo. You were crawling in the kitchen following David Papa and somehow your head just hit the floor. You had a bruise on the side of your forehead....but you wore it well! You are one tough have fell a few times since then and it doesn't even phase you. We clap our hands and cheer you on so you know everything is ok. You are pulling up but you usually only pull up on me or your daddy if we are right there. You haven't really gotten the courage to just pull up on anything; however, you did pull up on the doggie gate because you saw Brayden do it. You didn't stay up there long tho. You are on the go Miss Priss! You and Brayden have been keeping me and your daddy extremely busy here lately. We can't take our eyes off of ya'll. We recently borrowed Gam-me's corral. You and Brayden did not like it at first but now ya'll have gotten used to it. If someone is here to help me, I'll usually let ya'll roam around...but if it's just mommy here....I have to use that to keep ya'll in the living room. It gives ya'll alot of room to crawl around and we put most of your toys in there for ya'll to play with. It seems like yesterday I could just lay you and Brayden on the floor and knew you were going to be right there and wouldn't go anywhere. Now, we can't take our eyes off of ya'll for a split second or you'll be down the hallway or in another room headed towards the electrical outlets. Speaking of electrical outlets, we finally had to go buy plastic plugs to keep ya'll from messing with them. You have grown so much this month sweet girl. I know I probably forgot some stuff that you did this month, but I sure hope not. I try my best  to remember it all off the top of my head. There's sooo much you two are doing these's hard for me to remember. I'm gonna have to start writing them down. ;)
We love you soooo much Bailey Bug! Here's to another month!

Sweet Brayden ~ When I say 'you are growing like a weed'.....I literally mean it. You have grown sooo much. You are currently wearing 9-12 month clothing. There's a few things you can still wear that are 9 months but mainly 12 months. I always look at 12 month clothes and think it will be too big on you but it's not. You have a tiny waist so you can wear a smaller bottom but you are long so you need a bigger size in tops. I no longer like onesies that snap on you or your sister. They look to babyish for ya'll and don't seem like they would be comfortable. You are also wearing size 4 diapers. You could probably still get away with wearing size 3 but we figured we would go ahead and move you up too. You sweet boy are FINALLY sleeping the WHOLE ENTIRE night!!!!! Do you know how long I have been waiting for this day?! I have prayed and prayed for this and GOD has answered my prayer. It is sooo nice to finally get a full nights rest. I still get up here and there during the night and check on ya'll but I have gotten alot better about not going in there. I feel like sometimes you know I have my hand on your back that it wakes you up and then it's hard for you to go back to sleep. {I learned that the hard way!} I have fully trusted in God that he is watching and protecting both you and Bailey during the night and you two are just fine. ;) {However, I still do this alot during the day while ya'll are in your room napping.} You didn't start sleeping the whole night until you started fully crawling and pulling up. I think you go so much during the day that your little body is just worn out. You usually stay up until around 9 pm and will wake up when your sister does. Most of the time we will find you standing up leaning up against the crib wanting to get out. It was sooo crazy when you started sitting up this past month. It was back to back of you doing new things....sitting up, crawling, pulling up and cutting your first tooth. Your daddy and I couldn't believe it. One day you were doing something new and then the next it was something else. Your daddy and I truly believe you will probably be walking or at least taking steps by your first birthday. Your daddy holds your arms and you walk like you've done it foot in front of the other. It's sooo cute tho...because you 'high step.' You absolutely LOVE cell phones, remote controls and of course anything you can get your hands on...but, cell phones and remotes are your favorite. I used to always let you play with my phone until it got where people were calling me and they couldn't hear me but I could hear them. I had to switch back to my old phone. I think drool got inside of it and messed it up...I don't know how that could have happened!!! I read to you last night before you went to bed. You were sitting in my lap and I opened your "On The Farm" book....and held it right in front of you. The craziest held the book too right below my hands just like you were suppose to. I was shocked and couldn't believe that you did that. You didn't put both hands on one put your left hand on the bottom left page and your right hand on the bottom right page. You and your sister are sooo smart and I truly believe that when we say things to ya'll...ya'll understand what we are saying. You two surely know your names and you also know when we are coming towards you with a wipe to wipe your face. Gam-me was feeding you and Bailey mashed potatoes in the back seat of the car the other day and when she got done she went to wipe your face. You turned your head sooo fast and acted like you didn't hear her. We know you heard her because you were looking the opposite way...smiling as hard as you could and cutting those eyes of yours. You thought it was soooo funny because she couldn't reach you. You are a trip boy! You are pulling up on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. You have fell a few times. You usually cry and we comfort you and then you try it again. You said your first words this past month. You said "da-da!" Now everything is dada. I tell you all the time...."Brayden, I'm ma-ma....not da-da." You look at me and keep saying "da-da." :) It was very special because your first words were "da-da" and Bailey's first words were "ma-ma." I know it won't be long and you will be saying "ma-ma." You have grown sooo much this past month. Like I said with Bailey, it's hard for me to remember everything ya'll do each I hope I didn't forget anything. Your daddy and I love you very much! Here's to another month!

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