Friday, August 3, 2012

Beach babes

Candace and I took the babies to the beach for a couples hours yesterday.
This was their first time going to the beach and actually staying out there for a little bit.
I was hesitate about going at first because there's soo much you have to pack and pushing a stroller out there with two babies...but luckily...we all did great!
{I'm surprised I'm not sore today.}
 We laid under the pier and they absolutely loved it. They were so content.

 There was a little breeze which was really nice.
The blanket had flipped over Brayden and got sand all over him.
He thought it was funny and we did too. :)

 He didn't seem to mind the sand at all.
 We decided to take a few pictures of them in the sand.
I couldn't believe how long Bailey sat up. She's been falling over.
They both loved it. I figured they would.

Our tracks.
As soon as Brayden got in the stroller, he was out. We hadn't even left the beach yet.
He was worn out. Bailey, of course stayed awake. She had to see what was going on. :)


Emily Walker said...

Ah!! They are so cute!! I love Bailey's swin suit!:)

MegnHarry said...

Looks like fun-I wish we lived closer to a beach! I swear, Brayden looks more like his daddy every post!

Lauren said...

So sweet! :) It's crazy how fast time flies!!!! I can't believe they're 7 months old already!