Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Goins' Shower

Our friend Sarah is pregnant with her 2nd.
We had her shower the other night.
She doesn't want to know the gender so her shower was done in pink and blue.
This is what I made and took to the shower.

Sarah opening her gift from us. :)
 Some ladies from our church.

 Brayden hung out with the ladies.
 He fell in love with Adrian's necklace.

 Connor and Julian kept trying to give Brayden and Bailey kisses.
Bailey wasn't too sure about it. Brayden would just smile.
They're two sweet boys {...and their twins too!}

Our friends, Elizabeth and Sarah. Both pregnant at the same time!!! :)
What we've been praying for!!

Brayden trying to grab the camera. 
That boy tries to get his hands on anything and everything these days!

{and yes....that would be drool on my shirt! haha}

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