Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brayden & Bailey are 4 months old!

Bailey Boo ~ You are currently wearing size 2 diapers and 0-3 month clothes. I think you and your brother look pretty big for your age but when I put 0-3 month shorts on you....they barely stay on your waist. You are a champ at sleeping through the night. You start getting sleepy at about 7 pm and usually let us know when your ready to hit the sack. You sleep thru the night and usually wake up around 7 or 7:30 in the morning. Your daddy and I recently started splitting you and your brother up. It got to be where you two were waking each other up. You now sleep in your crib and Brayden sleeps in his crib. We have one crib in ya'lls bedroom and one in ours. Your daddy and I were switching off and one of us would sleep in the room with one and then the next night we swapped. Several nights ago you started sleeping in ya'lls bedroom all by yourself. We keep the monitor right beside us to make sure you are ok; however, we are constantly getting up during the night and checking on you...especially when we are up feeding Brayden. You somehow always scoot your whole body to the top of the we just scoot you back to the middle...hoping we don't wake you up. You are one happy girl first thing in the morning. You are always smiling and laughing...and did I mention that you don't mind getting your diaper changed now?! What a difference this is from when you were used to scream and cry at the top of your lungs!!!!...Now, you just lay there and laugh and smile the whole time!!! I love it!!! You are still eating 6 oz. and sometimes your still hungry so we give you 1 more oz. to top you off. After your first morning feeding, you and your brother usually lay in-front on the tv on your boppies and watch cartoons. You two are sooo into the tv. It doesn't take long after that and you start your little whine to let us know you are ready to lay back down. We've gotten where we put you back in your crib and let you lay on your stomach {this is how you sleep best!} You may whine for a few minutes but once you give it really give it up! Sometimes I have to go in there and wake you up. You have now discovered you have hands. You noticed your left hand first. You haven't started reaching for things yet...but I know it's only a matter of time. During the day, we give you tummy time. You have learned to scoot your little body across the blanket. This amazes me and your daddy. We know we will have us a crawler before too long. I can't believe it! I still think you too are teething. Both of you are drooling like crazy and always trying to put your whole fist in your mouth. I'm sure you'll have your first tooth soon.You are still doing good in the car. If you get upset, we rock your carseat and give you your paci. That usually calms you down. If you don't want your let us know; however, here lately you love it when we put our finger in it and rub it up against your bottom gum. Sometimes you grip it with your gums....and shake your head. It's the cutest thing! Your eyes are still a beautiful blue and your hair is the same color too. You have grown sooo much this month. I feel like you and your brother grow overnight sometimes. We love you sooo much Bailey Booooo and can't wait to see what next month holds for our baby girl!

Little Brayden ~ You also are wearing size 2 diapers and 0-3 month clothes; however, it won't be long before you outgrow your 3 month clothing. You are eating 6 oz. and we give both of you oatmeal in your bottle for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will probably be in 3-6 month clothes very soon. You are growing incredibly fast....too fast and you are getting to be one heavy boy. I strain when I try to carry you and your sister in your carriers but your building up my arms....that's a good thing! :) For several weeks now, I've gotten where I will pack you two up and we'll go do things around town while your daddy is in class. You do great! You usually sleep the whole time. If you are awake, you are always content. You are one happy baby! If your not smiling and trying to talk to us, we know you are hungry. The only times you really cry is when you have gas pains or when your hungry. Other than are choo-ing and trying to talk to us. You've recently started laughing and it just makes my heart melt. I love it!!!! Me and your daddy are always kissing you and Bailey on your necks and you just smile and laugh. You are sooo ticklish. Gam-me discovered that this past weekend. She tickled you and you laughed hysterically. You noticed your hands several weeks ago and like Bailey, you noticed your left hand first. Wonder if this means your going to be left-handed like your momma? I'm curious to see. You recently have started reaching for the cow rattle that hangs on your carseat. Nonnie got you this and you love it. You are always staring at it and talking to it. The first time you reached and grabbed totatlly shocked me! I couldn't believe it. You have also recently noticed you have feet. Your daddy stuck you and Bailey in the bumbo the other day to see if you two could sit up. You two did great but were still a little wobbly. We know it won't be long and you two will be sitting up in that thing all by yourself. You still love sleeping on your stomach but we only let you do that during the day when we are able to watch you. You also still love your swing. Both you and Bailey will sit there and just smile and talk to those animals. It's sooo sweet. Most of the end up falling asleep in your swing. You usually lay down for a nap during the day but won't sleep for long and then your ready to get back up. You still aren't sleeping the whole night. You enjoy your feedings way too much. ;) I know it won't be long and you'll be sleeping the whole night too. You usually go to bed anywhere between 7:00-9:00 and wake up around 4 and then again between 7 or 7:30 in the morning. After your morning feeding, you like to watch cartoons and sometimes you want to go back to sleep. You are now staying up more during the day. You and your sister are a mess......for the first time ever...I had the two of you laying on the floor beside each other and it was like ya'll were trying to talk to one another. I hollered for your dad to come into the room and then ya'll stopped. It was sooo sweet though....ya'll were just laying there in your own little world watching each other. I know this is the first of many....and I can't wait! There's definitely a connection between the two of you and it simply amazes me. One of you sneezed one time and then the other sneezed.......yesterday, you both kicked your left sock off. How is that even possible for both of you to do that....and the same foot at that?!?!?! Beats me! anddd....ya'll will start squirming in your sleep at the same time and not even be lying beside each other. It's the craziest thing! Your daddy and I are sooo thankful for you and your sister. We love you sooo much Brayden and can't wait to see what next month holds for our baby boy!


Anonymous said...

They are such beautiful babies. God blessed you both.

MegnHarry said...

LOVE that you have 1 munchkin sleeping through the night and thats A LOOONNGG time too!!! I say Addie sleeps through the night when she sleeps from 12-7! haha! I'd totally take 7-7!! Ahh..maybe one day.

They are both so cute...I think Bailey looks like you and Brayden looks like Brandon! I'm obviously just going on pics i've seen of the 2 of you! But they are both precious, precious, precious!!!

The Pagnozzi Post said...

Love these monthly updates! I wish I would have done this with Bri! The babies are ADORABLE!! I can't believe how big they are! Maybe one day I'll get to squeeze them. But until then, I really enjoy reading about them! You and Yardy seem to be doing wonderful as parents! It still boggles my mind on how people do it with twins! But you guys are doing so well! Miss you guys! xo

PS- Is it weird that I still call Yardy, Yardy?? I don't care he'll always be Yardy to us :)