Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brayden & Bailey - 16 Weeks Old

Brayden & Bailey turned 16 weeks old last Friday!
I can't believe their about to be 4 months old on Monday!

I just got more storage for our blog....hope you like seeing pictures of our young'ns! :)


The Herkerts said...

Look at those beauties! Four months! I love that age - they start laughing and responding so much more. Happy four months to Brayden and Bailey!

MegnHarry said...

So sweet! Can't wait for more pics! I might email u about the whole storage thing bc blogger keeps telling me I need more too!

katie said...

hey-thank you for the post on my blog...i have loved reading your journey up until now and can't wait to see your little ones grow! thank you for the encouragement...very much appreciated!!! :)