Friday, January 27, 2012

I really CAN be supermom!

Ever since the babies have been born I have been scared to be by myself at the house with just me and them. Not because I don't think I can handle it but I've been scared that both of them will cry at the same time and I won't be able to hold and feed both of them. I know babies are gonna cry but Bailey has one of those cries where you would think someone were killing her. Her cry is one that will make me almost get tears in my own eyes, even though I know she is ok.

I've been wanting to try it so I did this morning. Brandon had an appointment and we were going to go with him but we figured it would just be alot easier if me and the babies stayed we did. I've been at the house with just them before but for a short period of time. This time I knew I was going to have to feed them both all by myself. {I know you moms out there probably think I'm ridiculous and crazy....but let me tell ya....I bet you havent had TWINS!!!}

God was definitely looking out for me this morning. Brandon was gone for probably a couple hours or so and I knew when the babies were gonna start squirming to eat. {Thankfully we have them on a schedule of eating every 3 hours and they've been doing great!} I slept in as long as I could and when I heard Brayden making his little noises I knew right away to get ready! lol! Bailey usually wakes up about 15 minutes after Brayden so usually Brandon will feed one and we'll just go ahead and wake Bailey up and feed her at the same time. THANKFULLY Bailey kept sleeping a little longer this morning and I was able to feed Brayden, burp him and change him before Bailey even woke up. I actually had to go in there and wake her up.

By the time Brandon got home....both babies had been fed, burped and changed. You guys have no idea how hard it is to get all this done. If you have one baby....I'm sure you can imagine it TIMES TWO!

So today marked a HUGE milestone for me! lol. I survived!!! I can't say that I'm not still scared to do all this by myself...but IT CAN BE DONE!!

{not quite! haha}

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MegnHarry said...

I can imagine how challenging twins would be!! You are awesome for being able to handle that so early!!!!