Monday, January 23, 2012

Guess who's 1 month old??

Bailey Marie ~ Our Little Drama Queen
You definitely have my personality. You hate to have your diaper and clothes changed.
The way you suck your paci is sooo cute. You have recently graduated out of preemies. You are now wearing newborn diapers and clothes.
Little Bailey, you love to eat. You eat 3 oz. every 3 hours but if it weren't for your brother waking you up, you would probably go longer. You love to swing and when you lay in your play pen, you love to look up at the light and hear the birds and water sound. You make the sweetest little sounds all the time...sometimes it scares me and your dad when you make them during the night. I'm constantly getting up and checking on you and your brother.

Brayden ~ You take after your daddy.
Your so calm and laid back. You don't really like your diaper changed and you tend to pee all over us when we change you. You have recently graduated out of preemies. You are finally filling out your newborn diapers and clothes.
Little boy, you love to eat. You are eating 3 oz. every 3 hours also. You are our little alarm clock. You wake us up every 3 hours and it's every 3 hours on the dot. You usually fall right to sleep when we lay you down in your play pen. You love to sleep in your swing and we always make sure your sister is right beside you swinging. You have started to spit up here lately. The other night I fed you and couldn't get you to burp. I sat you up and I was stretching you and you spit up and it shot out. I have yet to find where it went to. 
You made me laugh so hard.

Bailey & Brayden ~ you two are sooo special to me and your daddy. We can't imagine life without you now. You both are growing so much each and every day.
We love you sooo much!!!
Mommy & Daddy


{Today is my actual due date. Man...I can't imagine if I would have went 40 weeks.
I was huge at 35 weeks when I had them!!!}


The Pagnozzi Post said...

Yay! I'm so glad y'all are back on the blog! I haven't checked in a while because I figured you would be too busy, but I was behind! You're super mommy and daddy!! I couldn't imagine having 2-but it seems like you are doing amazing!! Miss you guys and goodness the babes have changed so much in a month! :) Keep up with the precious pics!!

The Herkerts said...

Precious, beautiful babies!