Thursday, November 3, 2016

White Lake - Pics & Videos

We rode to White Lake one Saturday and met up Brandon's side of the family.
We swam in the lake and then went to the water park for a few hours.
Brayden & Bailey had fun hanging out with their cousins.

The water park was awesome. The kids part was fenced in.

Uncle Howard

{Below: Video}

All was fun and games until we left the water park. :(
As soon as we left...I started feeling bad. I told Brandon I needed to eat. He stopped and went into a local diner. While he was in there I started throwing up. I threw up for 5 hours straight. I've never felt like that. It was absolutely horrible. Brandon would drive a little down the road and stop again because I kept getting sick. We got back to where his aunt and uncle were staying. We stayed in the car with the AC blasting...and I kept throwing up. I couldn't stop. He then took my to the hospital. He wheeled me in in a wheelchair. I got checked in. They weren't busy at all. I think there were maybe 2 people in front of me waiting to be seen. We ended up waiting 4 1/2 hours and I still wasn't seen. By then the throwing up had subsided and I told Brandon lets go. We left and I sat in the car while Brandon met his family for dinner. We headed home.

For 2 weeks I had a headache. We figured I had heat exhaustion, heat stroke or I was dehydrated. {I should have went to the doctor but didn't.} I then came down with a cold. It seemed weird that I was getting sick again. My mom insisted on me going to the I did. I went to a local urgent care. I went in with cold symptoms. The PA told me I had a upper respiratory infection. He did blood tests and everything came back good. He didn't prescribe me anything because he felt like I was at the end of it. {Little did he know!!} This was on a Friday or Saturday.

By Monday morning, I was in my doctors office. My cough was horrible. I lost my voice. I ran a fever. It was hard for me to catch my breath. I knew something wasn't right. By this point...I knew whatever I had was related to me getting so sick at White Lake. Jay, our PA ordered a chest xray and soon as I left his office I went to get it done.

A few hours later....our PA called to inform me I had pneumonia. {Pneumonia. What?! The middle of summer. I'm perfectly healthy and I have pneumonia.} 
I was put on cough medicine, antibiotic and an inhaler. The medicine seemed to help {somewhat} but I got way worse. I couldn't do anything but sick on the couch. I couldn't lay down. I couldn't sleep. I just sat up and watched the clock. Brandon and my dad were life savers. They took care of the kids and when Brandon had to go back to work....Dad stayed with us and helped with the kids. He took care of me and the kids. I don't know what I would have done if he had not been here. I dealt with this for a while. I was sick for about 2 months with the pneumonia. Week after week....still didn't have a voice. I finally got better...only to realize I had a cracked rib from coughing. I dealt with that for a couple months or so. I've just started going back to the gym and haven't been able to go since the pneumonia. The first couple times I could tell it bothered my rib so I went back one more time and realized I needed to lay low. I have just started going back and it seems to ok; however, I can tell if it gets irritated. Thank God I'm better and over that. Boy was it awful.

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