Sunday, January 25, 2015

Brayden & the toilet paper - Video

This kids are officially potty-trained now {except for night-time.} 
They have been for a while now. 

Thank God. 

When they go potty, they always want someone to go with them. I can understand when we are out in public....but when we are at home?! Anywho. Well, this particular day...I had one on each potty. {Isn't it weird how twins even have to potty at the same time. c-r-a-z-y.} So I was running back and worth to check on them. I was in the bathroom with Bailey and then went to check on Brayden and this was what I saw.
Bless his heart. 
He was trying and trying to get the end of the toilet paper and all it did was unroll. lol 
I wish I could have started videoing sooner.
I debated and debated about putting this video on here but it's too funny not to share.

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Crystal Mary said...

What a chuckle. These precious moments will one day be remembered when your son is a grown man himself.
It brought back my own children when we went to an outback farm. The toilet was a deep pit with seat on top. The children were terrified they would fall in..LOL

Also..thank you so much for what you wrote on my BLOG, it was very helpful. Hope you get to read my reply. God Bless you all so very much. God loves you dearly and so do I.
I wonder if you have seen my author blog??