Thursday, September 19, 2013

{Toddler beds}

It's official.
Our munchkins have graduated from their cribs to their toddler beds.

Bailey hasn't fallen off her bed far as we know.
Brayden...bless his heart. He's fallen off several times already. Around 12 this morning, he was on the floor lying right beside his bed. Then at 4:30, he was lying all the way across the room beside his closet. I'd say someone likes to move in their sleep. ;)
So far I think they have loved having the side off their beds...well, mainly because it's something new and they can run loose. haha Brayden will say "night night" and next thing we know, he's in his bed. He usually says that and then gets right back up. lol Now, we don't have to worry about them climbing out of their bed, but changing to toddler beds has been an adjustment. We used to just lay them down for naps and bedtime and they would go right to sleep. Now, they want to play. They like to run back and forth to each others bed. It's been quite the transition. We're having to teach them when it's time for naps and bedtime...they have to stay in their own bed. Unfortunately, they think it's a game. We've read to be patient and persistent and that's exactly what we've been doing. It's been a hard transition but we're getting there. Luckily, Brandon had yesterday and today off so he's been a great help. I couldn't have done it without him and God. It took us an hour to get them to sleep yesterday for their nap but last night they pretty much went right to sleep. Today at nap time, it took us 30 minutes. I was one happy mama. :) Tonight, it took us about 30 minutes again. We're considering getting bed rails but we're gonna see how tonight goes. I'm hoping each day gets better and better.

{I thought potty-training was gonna be hard.} lol

We got this. ;)

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