Monday, May 7, 2012

1st feeding with a spoon!

This past weekend we introduced Brayden and Bailey to oatmeal with a spoon.
They loved it!
I was surprised how well they did.
Bailey just a smiling.
Look at that cute face!
Love those cheeks.

Bailey knew when the spoon was coming towards her....she opened her mouth right up.

Bailey all done and cleaned up. :)
 Little Brayden ready to eat!

 Our lil' smiley~!

 Mommy accidentally got it on Brayden's nose. haha!
 Daddy feeding Brayden
{with a pink spoon....whoops!}
 Love that cute face!

 We realized we were using a pink spoon....we switched to a blue one. Sorry Brayden! :)
You and your sister share everything right now.
 Gam-me {my mom} feeding Brayden.

 He is such a mess.
We looked over at him and this was what he was doing...covering his face. haha
Where's Brayden?
 There he is....all cleaned up with a full gut!!

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